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We Offer

Our Home Care Services

Our skilled carers have expertise in helping with a wide range of needs.

Our services provide care to adults of all ages, suffering from mental, physical, and learning disabilities.

We aim to work closely with those that require rehabilitation needs and with those that necessitate a tailored-specialist service that meets their cultural/ethnic needs.

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Personal Care

Performing the activities of daily living, such as dressing, grooming, cooking, eating, and bathing, are tasks that may become more challenging for those seeking our assistance. 

BeletandCare qualified and compassionate caregivers provide assistance with many different personal care activities. 

Personal care services can be provided with full assistance or stand-by assistance. We will work to customize a personal care plan for each of our service users.


Reablement Care

BeletandCare works closely with the NHS and Social Services to provide homecare support following illness, injury, or a period in hospital.

When a service user has suffered an acute episode of illness, we can help them get back on their feet quicker.


Living-In Care

When a service user can no longer live safely at home without assistance but wishes to remain at home, living-in care may be the best solution.

BeletandCare personnel can be with the service user throughout the day, providing companionship and personal care assistance including bedtime preparation, and remain in the home throughout the night. 


Companionship Care

Our service users can often feel isolated and lonely as they become less able to complete daily chores, especially if they are living on their own. In-home care can often meet the social needs of our service users.

BeletandCare's companionship service helps monitor the safety, health, and wellness of their users, assist with household chores and offer social interaction.

More specifically BeletandCare can provide caring and compassionate conversation, plan social activities and encourage physical and mental activity.

personal and reablement
living-in and companionship

Meals & Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet with proper nutrition is necessary for keeping in good health. For our service users with physical or mental impairments, grocery shopping and preparing meals may present significant obstacles to good nutrition.

Our caregivers assess nutritional needs and assist in creating meal plans for the service user to help them stay in good health.


Respite Care

Respite care provides short-term relief for primary caregivers, anything from a couple of hours to several weeks, to allow the main carer to re-energize.

It is to help the carer stay well and not feel overwhelmed or exhausted. 


Overnight Care

For individuals who are uncomfortable being at home alone at night or family members who want the security of having a caregiver in the home of a loved one at night, BeletandCare offers overnight care services. 

Depending on the service user’s needs, shifts vary in length from 8 to 12 hours a night.


Household Duties

You won’t lose any more sleep over your household chores! You can rely on our well-trained housekeepers to clean your house and iron your clothes once or twice a week.

meal and respite
overnight and household

Medication Management

As people age, they can develop multiple chronic conditions, which may require several prescription drugs from more than one prescriber. With this situation, there comes an increased risk of drug interactions, side effects, and accidentally missing or doubling doses. 

Our caregivers can ensure your loved ones stay safe with their medications.

I feel safe. My carer is absolutely amazing and I'm lost for words. There is no need for complaints as the care is out of this world.

Hawa Mohammed

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